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Motherboard Arrives
I finaly got my motherboard in the mail. What is really funny is that the motherboard ships from a location other than the one that I shipped to motherboard to. This makes me wonder, why does it take 10 days for them to ship me a new motherboard. Did they send a carrier pigeon to let the other facility know that I should be getting a new motherboard? Oh well, my time isn't as valuable as their time. Especially when they have people on hold to tend to. Anyway, all is not good, obviously. I, being the patient person that I am, waited for the next day to put my computer together, since I had things I needed to do. The next day after my day of work ended, I came home excited to put my computer together. I put each piece in nicely, thermal paste on the processor, routed each cable perfectly, checked all of the jumper positions, etc. I connected the power supply, and decided I was ready to turn on my computer. Slowly I pushed the button and it turned on. Hooray, my computer is working, oh, wait... What's this? How come my display isn't working? Maybe I have my monitor set to the wrong input. Nope, monitor is on the right input. Well, this is weird. So I read the manual again just to see if I had something connected incorrectly. I could find nothing wrong with my connections, so I decided to barebone the computer to find out what the source of the problem was. I disconnected everything except the essentials, one hard drive, the video card, ram, processor. Turned the computer on again and the same problem. Ugh... why must this be so difficult. So now the real trouble shooting started. Since my display wasn't initiating, I assumed maybe my video card died over the 3 week break. Matt, my room mate, had a spare pci video card that was confirmed working, so I plugged it in and got the same result. Then I remembered that motherboards like to beep when things don't work, so I found a speaker and connected it. (I usually don't have a speaker because it's annoying when it beeps for OS related events). When I turned the computer back on the motherboard did one long beep, then two short beeps. Looking online I found that means there is no display for the motherboard to use, when clearly I had a video card in. It even made the same sound without a video card. After two nights of tinkering with my settings and clearing the BIOS I gave up and confirmed that ASUS had infact sent me a DOA motherboard. Thank you ASUS, thank you for making this way harder than it should ever be.
How Long Can It Possibly Take?
The ASUS RMA guidelines told me that it would take approx. 10 days for them to turn around another motherboard for me. Well, it tool all of that. And I got kind of bored during that time period, but I found other things to do, such as ride my bicycle a little more. Other than that there isn't much else that I do, so I started reading more. I picked up a MySQL 5 book that has turned out to be an interesting book, I've learned some useful knowledge reading this book. Tick Tock....
More ASUS Holding
Well, after a week of waiting I decided to call ASUS and figure out what was going on. This time I directly called the RMA department, and the hold wasn't that bad, about 15 minutes. Randy Pacheco was kind enough to set up an RMA for me and emailed me all of the pretty details. Thank you Randy, you were the only helpful person at ASUS. I packaged up my motherboard and was going home that weekend so I just waited for sending it out, I figured an extra few days was nothing.
Computer Woes - I hate ASUS
About a month ago, my motherboard (ASUS A8N-SLI) failed on me. I turned the computer on and none of the drivers were loaded for the pci-bus and related items, such as pci devices. So I tried to load a few drivers back up, thinking it was a silly Microsoft problem. However, after failing numerous times, I figured good ol' Slackware Linux would help my figure out the problem. Well, even after booting up Slackware, it was unable to find the said devices of my motherboard. Thus I concluded that my motherboard (ASUS A8N-SLI) was dead. However it was late at night, so I couldn't just call ASUS and ask for another one, and I really wanted to play World of Warcraft, since my Druid was really close to 60. I quickly enabled the onboard NIC, and audio, rebooted into windows, loaded up the two drivers I needed and BAM! I had webernet access and audio. Oh, wait, don't count my chickens before they hatch, the NIC on this motherboard is a pile, it would work in bursts and then just cut out. Slackware showed that when I would use the network, ~60% of my packets were getting lost and/or mangled. Well, I tried to play World of Warcraft and gave up after getting disconnected many many times. Next day I called ASUS and sat on hold forever, around 30 minutes forever. When I was finally helped, I was quickly directed to the RMA department. "oh, sweet", I thought to myself, "Maybe I'll get directly connected to someone for quick service, since I was already on hold for so long." Fat Chance! I once again sat on hold for another 30 minutes or so, talk about boring, listening to the same ASUS whitebook notebook advertisement, and the fact that they care about my call and that I should continue to hold. Finaly a customer service representative picked up the phone, and I told them my story and they told me to fill out the RMA form online. Wow, I wait an hour for someone to tell me to fill out a form when they could just do it themselves and save us all a trip. So, me bethe complying person I am just wanting a new motherboard, I went and filled out the form, and got an email telling me that I filled out the form. A week later, nothing.....
Melissa Theuriau
Ryan showed me a picture of a girl from a french news channel, she's really good looking, and we found pictures of her today. I was trying to make an animated gif of her, but he beat me to the punch. So here is an animated gif of Melissa Theuriau.
Apparently everyone is joining this website, so I am too. Thus I posted this post. Technorati Profile
Link Editor: part three
Ok, this is my final Link Editor post. I wanted three things for the link editor. 1. add links 2. delete links 3. update links And I wanted to do all of this without refreshing the page. I have 2 files, linker.php and update_links.php. linker.php takes care of two functions, deleting 1 link at a time and displaying the links currently associated with the user. Here are some code snippets that matter:
onClick="delRow(this.parentNode.parentNode.rowIndex);delFromDatabase('. $link['id'] .');"
When you click the X to get rid of a link, these two functions are called. The first function, which is again in functions.js, deletes the row from being displayed. This is really easy, just use:
function delRow(i)
Yay, it's gone, but oh noes! It's still in the DataBase. delFromDatabase takes care of this by returning the id back to linker.php in an inline frame and then linker.php takes care of it. But don't try passing variables to this page because if you haven't notice you need to be logged in to even look at what I'm talking about. So now that we are done with the first two sections, the last section is the hardest.
$sql_delete = "DELETE FROM table WHERE userid='$userid'";
$result = mysql_query($sql_delete);

$i = 0;
$s = 0;
foreach ($_GET as $something) {
	$url[$s][$i] = $something;
	if ($i == 2) {
		$i = 0;
	} else {
$num = count($url);
for ($i = 0; $i < $num; $i++) {
	if ($url[$i][0] != '' && $url[$i][1] != '' && $url[$i][2] != '') {
		$result = mysql_query($sql);
		echo $sql;
Well, I'm sure there is a way to make this more efficient, but I don't know of any way. Basically I go through all of the get values, and put them into a two dimensional array. I then check each of the three values in each section of the array to make sure they aren't null, if now, then I insert them into the database. This again is happening in another iframe because iframes make users think it's magic! Hope you enjoyed my lame attempt at a tutorial, if you want to know more, post a comment when I add comments.

Link Editor: part two
I finally added the link editor, if you are fortunate enough to be using my website for a blog, when you're logged in you can click the favorite links title and it will bring you to the editor. Then you edit as you wish, with more features to come, as always. As I said, I am going to share this code with you, because it annoyed me enough to do so. To start off, the page which the link points to is linker.php. This page grabs your id, then finds the links associated with your id and displays them nicely for you to look at. So my first problem was, how do I add more fields without refreshing the page everytime. Welcome to DOM. The file I use for this is in functions.js.
var linkNum = '';
function addLink() {
	var tbl = document.getElementById('table');
	var lastRow = tbl.rows.length;
	if (lastRow == 10) {
		alert("no more");
	// if there's no header row in the table, then iteration = lastRow + 1
	var iteration = lastRow;
	linkNum = iteration;
	var row = tbl.insertRow(iteration);
	// 1st cell row 1
	var cellLeft = row.insertCell(0);
	var textNode = document.createTextNode('URL: ');
	var el = document.createElement('input');
	el.type = 'text'; = 'url' +linkNum; = 'url' +linkNum;
	el.value = '';
  	// 2nd cell row 1
	var cellCenter = row.insertCell(1);
	var textNode = document.createTextNode('Name: ');
	var el = document.createElement('input');
	el.type = 'text'; = 'name' +linkNum; = 'name' +linkNum;
	el.value = '';
That's the basics of it. The tbl variable is just associated with the table I wish to update, which could rightly be passed if I had more than one table on the page. Next I quickly check how many rows the person has with the .length function, if it's ten, then no more for you. The fun part is next, where the script actually creates the elements.
var cellLeft = row.insertCell(0);
var textNode = document.createTextNode('URL: ');
Simply put, create a cell (insertCell(location)), what do you wish to have in this cell (text), create a text node (document.createTextNode('text in here')), and then finally append this node to the cell you created on the table 'tbl'. the rest of it is pretty self explanitory, as in it's the same with a different element added to the mess. Next post I will explain the other troubles I had.

Links Editor
I'm working on a link editor for the page, it's currently somewhat working but it has a few issues, namely if someone doesn't enter a description or something like that the whole thing kinda breaks. So I need to break it down a little more. Hopefully I'll have it up here soon and maybe post some code on how I did it. I decided that I'm going to post a lot of my code because I spend a lot of time trying to solve little problems and they might be useful to some people. We shall see...
World of Warcraft Nerd
I play World of Warcraft. And yes, I am addicted. No one that plays World of Warcraft can say that they aren't addicted and be telling the truth even a little bit. Anyway, the point of this post is pure celebration of last night's dropping of Wildheart Spaulders. I now have the bracers and the spaulders.
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