Crappy Comments
I didn't realize our website would be a target for spam, so I had to remove anonymous commenting. I'll work on adding one of those fun guess the letters in the picture games for the use of anonymous posting at a later time.
Posted by andermic on 30, 2006 comments (8765)

Today the site got a redesign, kinda. A new banner, thanks to Michelle Dregne's talents in the graphic design world. She also helped me to pick some colors that make the whole site a little more conforming and complimenting to itself. Well, maybe it will keep updating like this and start looking nicer. User input is appreciated. And since I know most of the people that are registered, I'm sure you know how to contact me.
Posted by andermic on August 15, 2006 comments (8647)

Busy times..
Well, superweek has come and gone again this year, and as usual it tied up all of my time. Which is why this is my first update in a long time. Oh well... I hope to be adding a few more features to the website soon, everything works right now so I'm waiting for more input from users to decide what I should add. I'm also going to work on the blogs, try to integrate them a little bit with statistics and what not.
Posted by andermic on August 02, 2006 comments (11253)

It works...
Everything on the website pretty much works as it should now. So from here on out I will be adding features and pretty pictures. We're also thinking about adding a blog type thing for users to talk about their training and share pictures and stuff like that. We'll see how it all goes.
Posted by andermic on June 24, 2006 comments (13709)

design change
Pretty much redid the website, now the site uses all CSS instead of tables for layout. I also fixed the login issue, the settings now apply on login and you no longer have to login twice to get the user links. Fixed a few other link problems and that is about all.
Posted by andermic on April 06, 2006 comments (5922)

Quick Fixes
I fixed an issue with the links on the top of the event forms. All of the links were showing up even if a user did not have them checked in their settings. The next fix is going to be figuring out why settings are not properly retrieved during login. This can be fixed by going to settings and clicking save changes for now.
Posted by andermic on April 03, 2006 comments (3707)